Exteriors are the first impression. Our exterior work not only adds life to a building, it also safeguards it from other elements. Our experts in exterior work are strategic with the material and application methods. Different surfaces need different products, treatment and application technique.

Elastomeric Paint: Possibly the best exterior finish, it is specially engineered to seal hairline cracks in exterior surface. It forms a durable, tough film that provides a waterproof coating to almost any structure and is resistant to sunlight, heat, cold and wind driven rain.

Caulking: Often overlooked, it is more important than the coatings system. In high-rise or a warehouse, water penetrates around the window perimeters and expansion joints. NYP works with the best caulking materials on the market and our field staffs have the experience to ensure your caulking system is properly installed.

Wall Coverings

Though most of the wallcoverings are custom-designed, all wallcoverings are installed by our experienced commercial wallcovering installation professional who understand their use and installation requirements, using high quality material.