The Founder and the President

Founded in 1988 by Owner and President David Sraw, New York Painting & Coating Ltd. is a family owned and operated business serving western Canada and the Pacific NW of the United Stated.  The company has grown to over 100 full-time employees whom David often comments is the heart and soul of the business and responsible for helping David to grow and earn great admiration and respect from the overall industry for its commitment to safety, quality and reliability.  

David was born in a small village in Punjab India where he credits his family for teaching him the value of hard-work and for starting each day well before the sun rise, a belief he stays true to this day.  David often comments the influence of his grandfather a small Punjab farmer and the life lessons he gleaned from his village is a huge influence on the success he has earned in Canada.  David migrated to the United States at the age of 21 determined to learn a trade and to make his family proud.  He quickly proved himself and lead paint crews of over 500 painters in the heart of New York City.  After several years, David’s family called him to Canada where he brought his talent, hard work, integrity and entrepreneurial sense to the province of British Columbia.  The companies name is rooted in David’s early years mastering his craft and building his skill and thus the birth of New York Painting & Coating Ltd. evolved.

David leads by example and often throws on his painting coveralls to share his knowledge with our younger and new painters.  He is dedicated to his clients and to his partners (shareholders or employees).   Married and blessed with two sons, David has worked so hard to ensure both boys learn their heritage and learn to contribute to the Canada, a country that has afforded David so much.  “I always say that my family built this business.  It is not a career or family, both are intertwined.  Everyone has to provide support and do for one another and this encouragement is critical to the growth of our business.

David believes that a successful enterprise begins with the people and David recognizes that he had to surround himself with individuals that are more talented than he believed he was.  He says Entrepreneurs should bring vision and passion into the organization and remove hurdles for the people and team whom are better at executing that vision.  His advice to new entrepreneurs is simple: make sure your vision is clearly understood by the people around you and hire experts in their respective fields and always hire people that you think are better than you can afford.